Discover what a voice really does inside

Are you confused about your throat constricting?
Do you need to hear and see what singing nasally means?
What happens to your voice when you yodel or crack?

The Voicebox Videos have been featured on two BBC programmes - Leading Edge and Science in Action -  broadcast to an estimated 44,000,000 people!

Vocal Process Voicebox Videos DVD cover with photos of larynx stroboscopyIn 2006 voice expert and author Jeremy Fisher decided to make the UK's first downloadable endoscopy video ebook. The Science Museum in London loved the downloads so much they asked Jeremy to make one especially for them! Now the videos are being used in classrooms and vocal studios all over the world, and in university voice departments such as Cambridge and Newcastle.

Now the UK's first downloadable endoscopy video ebooks have been reformatted onto DVD for use in your home or studio

This new DVD version of the Voicebox Videos (now in its fourth pressing) has been created for those who do not have internet access in the clinic, who run library, university or therapy departments and prefer solid media, or those who use Mac computers.

See quality images of a healthy functioning voicebox and watch from the inside as professional voice users perform key vocal manoeuvres.

Jeremy takes the viewer step by step through the parts of the larynx as viewed on screen. So even if you've never seen a larynx from the inside before, by the end of the DVD you will know exactly what you are looking at.

If you are a singer and are about to experience endoscopy for the first time, you can watch these films to see what happens and what to look out for in a voice clinic.
If you are training as a therapist, you can see clear images of a healthy larynx performing everyday tasks and specific exercises.
And as one specialist SLT in the UK said: "...very clearly presented, and I wish some of our ENT staff could get as clear a view".

STOP PRESS: Speech and Language Therapy In Practice magazine recently called the DVD "a revision source for an experienced speech and language therapist. The chapters [4-8] show and train the technique and Bonus 2 (for the unsqueamish) shows Jeremy's true and false cords releasing and constricting. Each section is easily accessed therefore can be repeatedly watched to your heart's content."

1) The original Voicebox Video downloads from Vocal Process were saved at a moderate specification due to the constraints of the downloading system. On this new DVD version the films are saved at a higher specification in both audio and video.

You get a more accurate view, bigger screen images and a better sound quality to help you with clearer understanding of the voice. The voiceovers have been re-recorded, and new footage and still images have been used. This makes the DVD more suitable for conference and presentation purposes, and for detailed study in the studio or voice clinic.

2) The videos will play on external DVD players or Mac or PC computers

You can use this DVD easily in your studio, or clinic, or study it at home. It is also suitable for university departments and conservatoires using the Mac computer system - following a number of emails from disappointed Mac users who couldn't use the downloads, we have tested the DVD on different Mac machines and have found it to be compatible.

3) The video footage can be stopped and "rewound" just like an ordinary DVD

If you want to watch something several times, you can! And you can freezeframe with pinpoint accuracy (depending on your DVD player, of course!).

4) The DVD contains newly recorded voice-overs spoken by Jeremy Fisher

Jeremy Fisher is the subject of most of the endoscopy films AND features as narrator, so you can easily compare his spoken voice with the singing voice displayed in the endoscopy footage

5) Watch a healthy larynx in action

Jeremy Fisher and Gillyanne Kayes are the subjects in these videos - they are renowned voice experts and authors who know exactly what they are doing. There are hundreds of diseased larynx films out there, but very few showing healthy, functioning larynges in action. See how the professionals do it from the inside.

6) The DVD is easy to use

Navigating through the DVD is a breeze - an animated menu shows mini-representations displaying the first 10-15 seconds of all six films. You don't have to be online, you don't have to load extra programs, just choose one and open it.

The videos contain standard endoscopy and both nasal and oral stroboscopy producing, as the Singer magazine put it, "Stunning images".

But don't take our word for it!
Here's what you have said about the downloads:

Testimonial: Side view of "Ed" the Vocal Process half-head anatomical model
"The films were extremely clear in quality, and the use of superimposed outlines to indicate parts of the larynx was very useful to my students"
Katherine, singing teacher, New Zealand

"I would like to let you know that all my 26 singing pupils have now viewed your e-book. It has made significant impression on them and we are finding it can the be basis of a method to ensure that they are keeping things "open" and keeping their voices "out of their throats" and that the sound they make is focussed. This is applying to a full range of age group: people who are 12 years old to two elderly men I teach in their late 70s." Lizzie, singing teacher UK

"The constriction one especially has been a revelation. To actually see what the false vocal folds do and how they affect sound takes retraction from some abstract concept to a physical reality." Andy, singer, UK

Testimonial:Closeup endoscopic view of Jeremy's larynx showing open vocal folds breathing taken from the Voicebox Videos DVD by Vocal Process
"The Video ebooks shock one into accepting at a deep the visceral nature of the voice. Superb job, and again an act of real generosity towards the voice community." Jason, singing teacher, UK

"I've found the video e-book a really useful visual aid for teaching- students are fascinated. It's good to show any physical evidence that supports anatomically-based vocal pedagogy." Louise, conservatoire singing teacher, UK

Testimonial:Closeup endoscopic view of Jeremy's larynx showing breathy speech taken from the Voicebox Videos DVD by Vocal Process
"It is great to be able to show it to my own students of singing
As a singer these little folds become the centre of our lives and we always hope that ours are in good condition." Linda, Opera singer, UK

Here are four reasons to send for the Voicebox Videos:

1: Most films of the larynx available today show unhealthy or damaged larynges, or voiceboxes recovering from surgery. This DVD contains rare footage of two healthy larynges (male and female) speaking and singing

2: There are very few films that show clear footage of different vocal tasks. These films demonstrate clearly such movements as false vocal folds constricting and releasing under conscious control, the "yodel-flip" into falsetto filmed in close-up stroboscopy to show the different movements of the vocal folds, and how resonance (and the comparative lengthening and shortening of the vocal tract) affects intonation.

3: Many films do not tell you what you are watching. With each Voicebox Video film Jeremy includes a video and voiceover section explaining the vocal apparatus being viewed, and describes the key points of each vocal task.

4: This footage represents some of the best-practice voice use today. The video footage is taken from hours of film shot in three different voice clinics over several years. Jeremy was fortunate to share the services of three of the best voice surgeons from two countries - Julian McGlashan, Tom Harris and Moshe Harrell. The subjects, Jeremy and Gillyanne, are highly experienced at holding particular vocal gestures, and isolating individual muscle groups while maintaining others.

In summary, here's what you get:

This new DVD contains all six Voicebox Video films in one package:

  1. Looking at a Voice was the UK's first downloadable endoscopy video ebook and acts as an introduction to viewing the larynx speaking and singing.
  2. Modal to Falsetto 1 - Making the Change shows both endoscopic and stroboscopic film of a voice moving from a speech set to a falsetto set, complete with the "yodel-flip".
  3. Constriction and Release show voluntary opening and closing of the true and false vocal folds resulting in clear or constricted phonation (in singing and speaking).
  4. Modal to Falsetto 2 - Breathy Speech shows the differences between breathy speech and falsetto and the resulting movements of the arytenoid cartilages.
  5. Raising and Lowering the Larynx shows how tuning and timbre change with the lengthening and shortening of the vocal tract - the film includes a pitch counter that remains constant despite changes of "intonation".
  6. Working the Soft Palate is filmed from inside the nose and shows the soft palate opening and closing from above. The film also demonstrates the differences between nasality and "twang"

Vocal Process donates 10% of the proceeds to voice-related charities (currently the British Voice Association and the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine - see the Vocal Process website for more details). So by buying the DVD you are supporting voice research and vocal health for performers and teachers.

And there's a Vocal Process guarantee! We guarantee that if you find the DVD to be faulty in any way we will replace it with no cost to you. Just return the faulty DVD to us and we will send you another copy and refund all postage costs to you. (Please understand that due to the nature of a DVD and its content we cannot offer refunds on opened items unless they are faulty).

The Voicebox Videos DVD version costs only 47.00 including postage in the UK. See the shopping cart for details of our reasonable postage and packing costs outside the UK.

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To your success,

P.S. Remember that you get all six Voicebox Videos in one easy-to-use format. Carry the DVD with you between home and studio, introduce your pupils to the visual complexity of a living larynx, share the DVD with your colleagues at the voice clinic, or get one to play to your choir members - it could improve their singing!

P.P.S. The Voicebox Videos DVD has now sold out three times! The fourth pressing has just arrived in our office, so make sure you order your copy before they disappear again.

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